Starting as we mean to go on

28 January 2024

Badgers Wood is the first development for Neulive, and it is our opportunity to begin as we mean to go on. We have taken a holistic view of the project and developed a sustainability plan to limit our environmental impact. The plan will be delivered in four phases.

This pre-site phase will look at limiting distances of travel to and from the site and utilising more renewable materials. We are working with the planners to improve the design to sustain biodiversity in a changing climate and maintain clean air and water between people and nature.

The design phase aims to ensure lower energy usage, reduce harmful materials, and procure materials from low-impact sources. We have analysed the design of the homes to ensure airflow and comfort standards and the use of sanitaryware with litre per second controls, using more ‘half’ flow rates. We will also be dealing with suppliers that can assist in providing pre-cut and sized materials to reduce packing.

During construction, we will monitor the Eco-Site welfare covering rainwater harvesting and control of electricity usage per day. Materials and contractors will be selected to reduce transport distances and increase the use of recycled materials.

We take the lead on controlling waste management such as separating and recycling waste, conserving energy, and managing the site for an improved environment. Detailed document confirming the amount and type of waste our schemes will produce and how it will be reused, recycled, or disposed of. We will also be checking the type of plant used on our schemes, ensuring they are of a certain age and using the most appropriate fuel, never burning materials on site and controlling the storage of any fuels used on site.

Once the development is complete we will enter the review phase where we will monitor water, energy and carbon usage and review any actions or factors we can improve for our subsequent projects.