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28 January 2024

Starting as we mean to go on

Badgers Wood is the first development for Neulive, and it is our opportunity to begin as we mean to go on. We have taken a holistic view of the project and developed a sustainability plan to limit our environmental impact. The plan will be delivered in four phases. This pre-site phase will look at limiting […]


14 January 2024

Announcing Badgers Wood

Neulive will soon begin on-site at their new development, Badgers Wood in Witley, Surrey.  Detailed planning consent has been granted for 17 dwellings comprising 6 two-bedroom, 4 three-bedroom and 2 four-bedroom houses.   There is affordable housing consisting of 1 one-bedroom apartment, 1 two-bedroom apartment and 1 two-bedroom house, with 2 one-bedroom apartments allocated to First […]


10 January 2024

Paving the Way for a Greener Future in UK House Building

The urgency to combat climate change and protect the environment has become paramount in recent years. As a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the construction industry must take responsibility for its impact and shift towards sustainable and environmentally sound technology and building practices. This is particularly crucial for housebuilders in the UK, as they […]


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