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11 December 2017

[column]Langham Homes is a unique housebuilder. We are privately owned, which means that we are flexible and innovative in our approach. And the only people we answer to are our customers. Our biggest motivation is the feedback we get from the customers who buy our homes. It’s true that by many measures we are small. Yet we boast a level of experience and pedigree that many national house builders would envy. Our senior management team brings experience direct from the offices and boardrooms of the country’s most recognized and respected house builders and estate agents.[/column][column]Every single home we build begins with a blank sheet of paper. We don’t have house types or regulations. We design each home to fit the land profile and to blend with the local surroundings. We often adapt and improve the designs as our plans develop – often in consultation with our customers. Being small means we are able to react to market trends and customer demands. We are not afraid to include innovative and unique features into our homes where they are able to add to the overall living experience. And where many developers will use the quickest building methods and materials, we will always use the best. Even if it takes a little longer.[/column]