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Our Head Office

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Only the very best will do

Every single home we build begins with a blank sheet of paper. We don’t have house types or regulations. We design each home to fit the land profile and to blend with the local surroundings. We often adapt and improve the designs as our plans develop – often in consultation with our customers. Being small means we can react to market trends and customer demands. We are not afraid to include innovative and unique features into our homes where they are able to add to the overall living experience. And where many developers will use the quickest building methods and materials, we will always use the best. Even if it takes a little longer. Because there’s one thing we’re not good at, and that’s compromising.

Our Philosophy & Values


We constantly strive to create homes of individual character that are a joy to live in. Because we believe that no two customers or homes are the same.


Many of the lifestyle benefits of our homes come from the inclusion of leading-edge materials and technology.


We believe in delivering exceptional quality, no matter what the property type or price. Because everyone wants those little home comforts.

Serious about the environment

All of our homes are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, often well above the required standards. This not only helps the planet but results in reduced running costs for our purchasers. We also include electric car charging points for all homes, and an allocation of points for apartment projects and install energy efficient low voltage LED lighting.

As well as ensuring our homes are playing their part in helping the environment, we are working within the business to reduce our carbon footprint during all stages of the construction process, with our ultimate aim of becoming carbon-neutral in the near future.

Our Customers

Alan and Marian Reid

Ashurst Copse

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Dr Zsaki S.

Pavilion Park, Hurst Lane

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